Quorum Shopping Center


The Quorum is prime real estate in Lubbock, Texas. Sharing the same intersection as the main entrance to the South Plains Mall, known in Lubbock as “The Mall”, The Quorum has an extremely high volume of retail and service traffic. The Cheesecake Factory recently built a location catty-corner to The Quorum in the same intersection December 2018. With “Men’s Best Primary Care” leasing Suite G in September 2019, The Quorum only has one vacancy left!   For pricing, please call (806) 368 7703.

Space KL

  • 7200 Sq. Ft

Space KL Is currently sectioned as a 5200 sq. ft. front room/section which includes two bathrooms and a storage area, and a 2000 sq. ft. back section with a bathroom, an assortment of multiple small rooms, and a garage door. Suite KL has skylights providing beautiful natural lighting.

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